Lisa Burke

Where are you from? Winnipeg (204) baby!
Favorite coffee or tea? Lisa coffee from Naked Cafe
Favorite food? French fries, grilled veggies, cake & ice cream #vegan #foodie
Favorite Kevin Murphy product? Bedroom Hair & Young Again
Favorite Spotify playlist? Central Summer '17, 90's & 00's Hip Hop / RNB
What's your sign? Aquarian-Pisces
What's your favorite place that you've traveled to? South Africa
Favorite service to perform? Blowouts, Blondes & Mermaids
Favorite TV show? Game of Thrones, Sex and the City, Entourage
What's your favorite thing about working at Burke? That I can be myself.


Louise Power

Where are you from?  Ireland
Favorite coffee or tea?  English Breakfast, but I always have a stash of Irish teabags at home.
Favorite food?  Toss up between spaghetti bolognese and chicken tacos.
Favorite Kevin Murphy product?  Untangled because it leaves hair feeling incredibly soft.  It also has UVA and heat protection which is perfect for the Kelowna sun.
Favorite Spotify playlist?  Summer Rewind
What's your sign?  I am a Taurus
What's your favorite place that you've traveled to? Kelowna is my favorite place that I've traveled to.  I love that I have the option to ski in the winter or bask in the hot sun in the summer.
Favorite service to perform?  Balayage because I get to give my clients shiny, multidimensional colour that can last up to a year and still look great! 
Favorite TV show?  I'm a sucker for the English soap Coronation St. I have been watching it back home for years and I was so glad to see that it airs in Canada.
What's your favorite thing about working at Burke?  I love that I have been able to build my brand @hairbythatirishgirl within Burke Hair Lounge.  The support we all have for each other is incredible, we are constantly learning and growing and having awesome clients that support our dream too.